Plastikinių kortelių gamyba

We will make you high quality, international-standard plastic business, loyalty, gift cards, employee or membership club licenses, hotel keys, RFID cards with print.

 Our plastic cards comply with ISO/IEC 7810 standards:

  • Card size: 85.60×53.98 mm;
  • Thickness: 0.76 mm or 0.46 mm;
  • Corners rounded at 2.88 to 3.48 mm degrees.

The cards have certain maintenance requirements (for the cards to serve you well and remain of outstanding appearance):

  • A plastic card has should be protected against mechanical impact and kept away from sharp and other abrasive objects which can scratch the surface of the card, also from exposure to sunlight and temperature;
  • Plastic cards must not be subjected to less than -35 °C or higher than +50 °C temperatures even for brief periods. The optimal temperature range is from 0 °C to +25 °C;
  • You should carry the plastic card in a holder or in the card compartment of your wallet, etc. If necessary, clean the card with a soft cloth without using any thinners, solvents, acids etc.